Vision and Mission

The BSTE aims to bring scientists worldwide together to discuss their newest developments and latest findings in the rapidly expanding field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Additionally, the annual meeting is held to encourage initial contact and act as meeting platform to promote scientific networking and potential research collaborations at both national and international levels.

Tissue engineering is a promising life-science research field that has shown enormous potential for effective tissue/organ repair and regeneration. Significant advances in the tissue engineering field have resulted in engineered functional organs such as heart, liver, cartilage and bladder. Even more, applications in cancer research, in vitro models for drug screening and disease modelling have recently been developed.

However, multiple challenges remain to be addressed to produce tissue engineered products. To overcome some of these challenges, next generation tissue engineering includes a plethora of new approaches; among them are 3D (bio) printing, smart biomaterials, self-assembling cellular systems, in silico modelling ,… These new technologies will lead to generating tissue engineered organs and controlling cell behaviour.

We believe that BSTE can serve as an excellent platform for scientific networking and provides numerous opportunities to set up new research collaborations at both national as well as international levels.